What I’m bringing to the hospital! (Hospital Bag) (2nd time around)

Ok! This mama is getting a little antsy! I am officially off work for now for health and medical reasons (nothing to worry about) but just baby and mommy come first before work! So I wanted to share what I am actually packing for the hospital, since literally the first time I packed for baby number 1, I packed wayyyyyy too much! That bag was just so heavy! Super unneccesary!

So I figured to share what I am packing and what are essentials are packed and ready to go. Because apparently the second time around the baby could come early, or late but who knows! You’ve can never be too prepared I guess! lol

When I started thinking about packing, I realized that the original bag that I used was way too big and not practical! Because the first time no one told me what to bring and googling just didn’t help, so I thought I was packing accordingly but girl, I really had NO idea what to pack.

So today this is what is my hospital bag!

I’m sharing pictures as well as to what exactly I am bringing!

I started by laying everything out on our bed, and then grabbing medium size ziplock bags and that’s how your packing should be so you will see everything and not be fidgeting trying to find everything! Because in the moment who doesn’t freak out trying to find what you are looking for exactly!

So here you go!


  • Both our Wallets – Medical health card, Drivers license and cash money for the vending machine if it’s midnight and since everything is closed.
  • Toiletries - Nipple Cream (mama) lol, Toothpaste/Tooth brush/Mouthwash and Deodorant – His & Hers (all travel size)
  • Snacks for Hubby – (since I get fed at the hospital during our stay!) – Cliff Bars, Protein bars, Bananas etc. (there is also vending machines as well as restaurants near by)
  • Extra pads/depends for adults – the ones at the hospital are alright but just in case.
  • Palmers Coco butter – I’ve been using this one in particular to put over my belly during pregnancy to help with stretch marks so even after baby you will need it too!
  • Skincare – I’m packing makeup wipes as well a face wash, even hand wash, because the soap at the hospital is harsh and smells like medicine! So gross!
  • My Makeup bag – Trust me this is bare minimium so I don’t look like death, like I did last time! Lol! Brow pencil, Eyeliner & Mascara & Chapstick.


  • Hair stuff – Extra hair ties, hair brush, and dry shampoo. (All travel sizes)
  • Slippers– His & Hers, Whatever your favorite comfy slippers are but also not the prettiest either you are at the hospital so if you are ok with getting them dirty!
  • Socks – Two pairs. Comfiest the better! His & hers!
  • Bandeau Bra – so easy to nurse with and comfy without hurting your neck like a nursing bra or dealing with clips and buttons etc. so much easier!
  • Super lose Tank top – to put over top your bandeau bra (easy to nurse).
  • Cozy outfit – to wear once you get home, loose t-shirt + comfy sweats that you use to netflix and chill. For Him - Sweats + a T-shirt as well as a hoodie for him sleeping.


  • Granny Panties – something high and comfy and that you think that are ok to get dirty because girl they will (TMI) Bring a few*
  • Phone/Phone Charger/Camera – His & Hers
  • Blanket – a small one for hospital, something that you’re ok to get dirty (you are at the hospital) (use theirs if you can)/for him too!



  • Infant carseat – Do not bring into the delivery room just leave it ready in the car! Once you get discharged you, make your hubby to go get it and bring it in!
  • Outfits – one sleeper and one shirt, bottom & hoodie with socks and a hat too (beanie) for the car ride home.
  • Newborn diapers and some wipes - #secondtimemom so basically I use pampers swaddlers in Newborn and Pampers Sensitive wipes!
  • Blanket – for the carseat and in delivery room the blanket they have aren’t very soft!
  • Nursing Pillow – essential for the first time nursing! Helps with for once baby sleeps you can use as a pillow as well.



Hope this helps anyone reading this who is a first time mama or second time mama like me!



HOSPITAL5DSC05727Leave a comment below on what is the most important hospital bag essential that you need!

All the best on your new arrival!